New Information for Targets


This work is mainly aimed at people who have newly discovered they are targets in hopes you won’t make the same mistakes and fall into the same traps as longer term targets, though there is valuable information here for everyone and I hope all will read it.

If you have newly discovered you are a target, you have noticed people following you around, cars going past you or your house blasting loud music. Maybe you come home to find things missing and moved around. Maybe people who have always been fine with you are suddenly not speaking to you.

Take heart. You are not alone. Millions of people around the world are going through what you are going through and it is time for us to unite and help each other.

There is no easy way for me to say this so I am just going to say it. This gang stalking is the least of what is happening to you. It is only one part of a three part “game” against you. The other two parts are what is called directed energy and mind control. These things exist. They are real. Keep reading because remember when you never would have believed groups of people you don’t know would invest endless amounts of time and energy into following you around?

Directed energy are focused invisible beams that are used to manipulate your emotions and force beliefs, thoughts, feelings etc into your mind. It is very important to our enemies that new targets act chaotically: go to the police,  press, FBI. Accuse people, attack people. Anything so you will develop a reputation for craziness or paranoia. So even if it’s the hardest thing you have ever done…. Don’t react, lash out, try to move house, board up your windows. Just. Read.



Mind control is not something that can be overcome completely. I am not here to give you false hope of mind freedom forever. It is layered and only the lower, most destructive layers can be removed. They have been controlling your thoughts since before you were born. EVERY thought/ feeling you have is implanted or magnified as they shape your personality and thinking process. Even the bland unimportant stuff has them talking along in your mind and injecting hypnosis and entrainment via silent sound. They even do this while you sleep through the dreams they send you.

This control must be fought back against by you. If they stop implanting something, it is only a temporary respite and they will be back with the same program later. They will never stop trying to gain total control of you so you must never stop pushing back.

This will not be a purely technical work on directed energy and mind control. I am also going to tell my own story and the stories of other targets I have met or read about in the press. This is to show you that our attackers only have a few tricks. When you come out of the main layers of mind control you will see how they are controlling other people by recognising things they did to you. And many of you will recognise things I thought or did as things you think or do now.

They want us to feel they are all-powerful and overwhelming but they are not. They are just a warped group of people whose control can be recognised, fought back against, then you can tell others.




What is mind control?
Mind control USUALLY means the person subject to it hears a voice or voices. They may come from objects or even the space around them. They may speak to the target in their head. Sometimes they speak TO the target. Sometimes they speak AS the target. They give ideas, viewpoints, suggestions and keep up a running commentary on everything the target does. These methods of communication are also often combined with an irresistible urge: to say something, do something etc. Many of these people consider themselves to be mentally ill. But the truth is they are simply being mind controlled. Many people think they have no outside voice invading their consciousness but this is not true. They are simply mistaking implanted thoughts for their own, since they are being presented in the targets own voice.

Many targets take steps to block out the voices they hear. They wear headphones and listen to music day and night, hoping it will be a way to fight back against implanted control also. But this doesn’t work and here’s why:

Several years ago I read an excerpt of an army paper on how the human brain could be forced from a beta state (the brain waves of normal wakefulness and focused concentration) to theta (the brain waves we experience as we fall asleep or daydream). The benefit of this, was that the subject was then much easier to control and more suggestible.


Listening to music is a passive act. You must engage your brain in constant thought: of something that takes focused concentration and effort from you.

But this is only the begining. I am also a target and I fought back against mind control by recognising that it is layered. Think of it as being like an onion. I would shed one layer, think I was free and in charge of my own actions, only to realise I was still being controlled some time later. It took YEARS for me to get to the stage where I can think my own thoughts and decide my own actions but I am hoping what took me years will take you only months, once you accept that mind control is a complete system encompassing your every thought, feeling, urge, dream, spoken word – everything. And YES that includes thoughts of strength, positivity, ways you will fight back against your enemies. Everything.

I am now going to describe how the previously (mostly) covert harassment became open with me, and how I became aware of an implanted voice in my head. I am going to describe everything exactly as it happened *on the surface* so this will include my own wrong thinking and the implanted lies I fell for. After this section I will use a key to set apart the different levels and layers of control – implanted voices, noises etc.

Chapter 1

I first realised I had an implanted voice in my head when it began talking to me, but using MY voice, not the voice of another person or alien. I was also being gang stalked and when I heard a car roar past blasting music or a door slamming from my neighbours (a problem I had had wherever I lived for many years), I would think some insulting thought about the worthlessness of these people, how pathetic they were. Then in my head I would hear “Don’t you talk about us like that.” Obviously the gang stalkers reacting to my thought, and I could feel they were hurt by my words too.

I had been looking online for any information about what was happening to me and just by putting any relevant phrase I could think of into a search engine, I stumbled onto a website about directed energy weapons, the first time I had ever heard of these things. Now I knew what to look for, I searched using the correct phrases and found site after site about the weapons: the different things they could do including read the mind, and how often their use was twinned with gang stalking.

Things that had happened to me for years: hardships, people falling out with or ostracising me, suddenly made sense. I was so grateful to have answers that I began giving thanks in my head to God for showing me the truth. This was after several years of an estranged relationship because I was angry at him for the way my life was – all the hardships I experienced while everyone around me was fine, how I was denied even the basics of life that most people took for granted, such as the ability to live in peace in their own home, how I would pray to him for something and the Exact. Opposite would occur; so many times that it could not be coincidence. It showed me he had a vendetta against me, hated me, had deliberately targeted me, and didn’t WANT me to pray. Eventually I became afraid to pray. And eventually I hated him as much as he obviously hated me.

But now with my new knowledge of what directed energy beams could do to the brain, I understood that it was not God who had been watching me for years, causing me problems everywhere I went, making everything go wrong for me.

There is a particular pain when you think it is God who is out to get you……. because how do you stop Him? Defend yourself? What worse enemy could you have? If you believe in a Hell as I do, and your every attempt at prayer only makes things worse, surely this means He wants you to go there.

My relief at finding out what had really been going on with me all these years, my relief that I could have a future that didn’t include such a hard life followed by Hell fueled the gratitude with which I gave thanks to God for revealing the answers to me. I gave thanks in a steady stream: a short prayer of thanks that I repeated non stop all day. Maybe only a target who has experienced years of torment, depression, struggling and suffering can understand. Almost immediately the implanted voice began speaking to me (but in my voice, not a foreign or alien voice) demanding my attention, saying prayer wouldn’t help. When it did, I gave some snappy comeback in my head, while also still doing my prayer of thanks.

Soon I was being spoken to constantly in my head (always in my voice) and I would give an instant comeback mocking them for their worthlessness, how incompetent they were, their pain at no longer being able to control me.


It was a blessing and a relief to feel this way since I had been in a state of anxiety, upset, disbelief and rage since the gang stalking suddenly became open in a blitz style attack. What I mean by that was it all fell on me, at once. I was openly being followed by car and on foot, I would come home to find items missing or moved around, I would meet people I was sure were involved, from things they said, and door slamming campaigns from my neighbours.

I got the feeling that I must move away; that what was happening was tied to the property I lived in. I had obviously angered someone there and they had recruited their friends to do this to me. I tried to rent another apartment in the same town but they followed, the music from their cars announcing their presence. I decided if it was going to happen even if I moved, I might as well stay where I was, in a nicer property and a nicer part of town.

Things worsened and suddenly I began being watched at all times in my property. I would hear doors slamming, car horns, shouting and/ or small pebbles striking my window when I went to undress, shower, use the bathoom etc.

I searched for hidden cameras and microphones but could find nothing. It seemed incredible and unbelievable but there WERE cameras, I WAS being watched, I KNEW IT. After checking everywhere (while more doors slammed and car horns honked than ever) I decided they must be concealed in the lights of each room, there was nowhere else they could be. The position would let them see the whole room and knowing nothing about electrics, I wasn’t going to chance looking for them. I was embarassed to go to the toilet, I didn’t want to shower – I couldn’t live like this.

I knew I needed to escape and it really had to be an ESCAPE. Leave suddenly, revealing no clue what I was about to do. I got up one morning and left my apartment and everything in it and caught a train to my hometown and family I hadn’t seen in years. I would ask my brother who had friends abroad to find me a place to live with them. Trips from my home base had shown me I could live nowhere in this country.

I met him, he no longer had contact with those friends and so couldn’t find me a place with them. He urged me to settle near him so I did. The gang stalkers of course followed. I lived in three properties in that area but never shook them. It was in the third one that I found the information about directed energy and gang stalking. By then I had a kind of routine. After around two months of not eating (because I would think “If you eat, you shit”) and a similar amount of time not washing (they managed to get in every house to install cameras), I was eating again and I had purchased extra large clothes. I would use a washcloth and soapy water to wash under them, then change clothes by putting on the new over the old.

But with every step I took forward the gang stalkers had something new to do also. I felt the gangstalkers were made up of groups of people living around me; that when I moved, stalkers from the old place would follow, turn people against me and get them to pick up where the old had left off. And at this particular moment in time, their new trick was the ability to touch me by remote. I could feel their effects on my body – constant itching in my crotch, nipples that would become suddenly erect; it was clear they were not just looking AT me, they were looking THROUGH my clothes, under bedding and it was clear WHERE on my body they were looking.

Then they could read reactions in my body. After a long period of quiet (an hour or so) there would suddenly be a long loud blast from a car horn and my heart would rise in my chest. I believed the gang stalkers knew and enjoyed, thinking I was afraid of them when it was actually involuntary and I wished I could stop it.

They knew when I opened my eyes in the morning, greeting me with a car horn, also when I changed clothes, ate etc. When I started to learn about directed energy, they started to talk to me in my head. And as I gave my non stop prayer of thanks, there were dire warnings of all the things they would do to me if I didn’t listen. Warnings I ignored while continuing my prayer AND insulting them and laughing at them, at the same time.

I no longer felt depressed or upset, I was HAPPY. Grateful to have answers and determined to expose this wrongdoing. But in my head I would get thoughts like “I can’t cope with this anymore” or a car would go past blasting music and I would get a thought in my head at the same time to kill myself. The problem was……. I DIDN’T FEEL LIKE THAT! I WAS STRONGER THAN EVER SO I KNEW THESE THOUGHTS WEREN’T MINE.

I found that as long as I did my constant stream of prayer (I started doing it out loud at home and in my head if I went out), I could tell these thoughts weren’t mine. They were more like things someone WANTED me to feel.


This was my first introduction to the truth about how mind control works: how the “surface” control is just a smokescreen to make us trust our other thoughts, feelings etc. If I hadn’t been doing my constant prayer and enjoying the way it lifted my spirits, I would have taken these thoughts to be my own.

They continued implanting thoughts of despair and being unable to cope that I was supposed to mistake as my own (the fact that I now knew these thoughts weren’t mine seemed to make no difference), they also continued talking to me, in my head, as themselves.

I continued my prayers, they continued implanting threats and speaking directly to me using my voice (“We’ll kill you if you don’t listen”) which I answered with insults and mocking.

Then one day, the voice in my head I took to be mine, the voice that insulted and swore at them, told me to kill myself to escape it all. But again, I DID NOT FEEL LIKE THAT. I was increasingly angry, disgusted and wanted to expose these people – I WAS NOT DEPRESSED OR SUICIDAL.

That was when I realised how I had been fooled. BOTH voices were theirs. They would say something in my head AS THEM: (“You better listen to us or else”) then the second voice would answer AS ME: (“Fuck you”).

They would DO something (the sound of doors slamming or car horns in response to something I said or did), then the second implanted voice, would respond AS ME: (“Aw poor pathetic losers, am I upsetting you?”)

My own real mind/ internal voice/ thoughts had been silenced like I was hypnotised as I just listened to this back and forth exchange which was ALL them. The only thing I could do and had been doing was prayer.

I now had to start over: doing my constant stream of prayer, to free myself from their control. But this time knowing BOTH voices were theirs. And as I did my prayers, keeping my brain in a beta state, they carried on their back and forth exchanges in my head. The fact that I now knew both voices were implanted made no difference apparently. As I heard them swear at and insult themselves, I realised they would say ANYTHING, call themselves ANYTHING, insult themselves in ANY way, with no shame at all – the only thing that mattered to them was that I listen.

How could a target possibly know that their enemies are implanting feelings of strength and determination? That they would implant streams of thought telling the target not to listen to the mind control, to fight back? But that is their great trick. If they only implanted doom, gloom and despair, most people would learn not to listen. Then they are lost to the mind control machine. But if controlling you is their goal, They NEED you to listen. So they HAVE to alternate despair with positivity and strength. School shootings: where the bullied decide they’ve had enough, serial killers, so-called terrorists; all mind controlled.



By now, through further research, I knew they could implant images, feelings, and an irresistible urge. I also learned how different sections of the brain would “light up” in response to different thoughts, feelings, urges and emotional states. So I felt they would often take credit for something they knew the target was about to do anyway, by scanning of the brain. *end

As I continued my prayer, I started to get a voice that I took to be my own internal voice/ thoughts. It came from behind my right ear and sounded vibrant and strong. I got a second voice that sounded muffled and far away. I took this voice to be theirs. I still believed that I must have SOME inner voice/ thoughts of my own, that they couldn’t have overpowered and turned off this area of my consciousness completely. Again I listened to the voice that I took to be mine (while still doing my prayer). And it caused me to behave erratically and do things I wouldn’t have done otherwise. Again I realised it wasn’t me when it started saying things like “I should just kill myself, get away from this once and for all.”

Then I got a voice over my left ear that I took to be mine, then it was at the top of my head, then at the back. And each time it changed I listened to what it said, followed what it told me to do/ think/ believe. I twisted myself into knots following its convoluted reasoning and always realised it wasn’t my voice when it returned to the subject of killing myself. At this time I was doing my prayer but not really CONCENTRATING on it.

It was probably 18 months – 2 years before I fully accepted that I could not trust my own thoughts, no matter what.

Once I totally stopped listening to the voices, I started to get more feelings, images and urges instead. Example: I would get an image of some food that was in my fridge and then the desire to eat it. Again like the voices, I believed I must have feelings and instincts of my own, they couldn’t ALL be induced with directed energy beams, so I started to follow those instincts/ urges/ wishes/ feelings I got that I felt were things I would normally feel – so they were either MY feelings (even if “that side” took credit for them) or they were things that were induced by mind control, BUT they were things I would do anyway. They don’t always tell you to do things that are foreign to your nature. In order to make sure you will listen, believe and trust them, they will often say things that are positive, tell you how to do things well etc. But the most dangerous thing you can do is listen to them. No matter what they are saying. The positive stuff is to make you trust these thoughts and feelings so they can feed you lies and self defeating things when they want. Listening also helps them accomplish brain entrainment.

I followed the urges and feelings and so came to believe all my neighbours had been recruited by the government to use directed energy weapons to attack me, (I had by this time moved from the property I lived in when I realised about implanted voices and started doing my prayer), that my home was broken into constantly and so I should block all windows and doors to stop it happening, that I should move. I was very suggestible without realising it so they had fun with me. One day they would make me feel the people living around me were involved in my harassment and so I should swear at them, spit at them and disturb them with noise so I did. Then after a few days, weeks, or months they would make me feel the people around me were NOT involved in what was happening, they knew nothing about it, I should stop harassing them. So I would stop and be embarrassed. Then after awhile they would make me feel the neighbours WERE involved and so I should again start deliberately annoying and disturbing them. This use of mind control drew negative attention to me, gave me a bad reputation and assured that if I ever had something big to say, these people wouldn’t listen to me.

As you read this I may sound foolish to you; infinitely suggestible and following every little whim of theirs but remember I had not heard of anyone coming out of mind control, I didn’t know how deep the control extended: what was true and what wasn’t, what was real and what wasn’t, until they went too far in their words or ideas.

That I went through this means you don’t have to. By reading you can learn from my mistakes and get it right first time.

It took a good 2-3 years to accept that I could not EVER follow the feelings they implanted. I thought this time I was doing better because when they were endlessly chattering on about things I didn’t care about, when they tried to get me to think or feel what THEY wanted me to think or feel, I ignored them. But sometimes they would just implant ideas or talk in a very reasonable, reasoning way about how to deal with the gang stalking and harassment or other things I NEEDED to think about. So I would think about these things, even though I sometimes felt I should not think about things when THEY wanted me to, but in my own way, in my own time.

Eventually I just got sick of following anything they implanted. Everything they told me was wrong or ended up going wrong (and they made sure of that). I would get the urge to think about a particular problem and they would talk along about what I should do, or implant feelings and ideas. Since our own inner voice/ thoughts/ dialogue have been silenced and they fill our heads with talk, we have no choice but to hear it. But we do have a choice about whether or not to PAY ATTENTION. To believe anything they say.


“Tools that could…..make potential enemies see, hear and believe things that don’t exist”

Gen John Jumper (USAF)


Ever since the stalking became open with me, I would have episodes where I was consumed with rage. I can’t even find words to describe how massive and intense it was, I can only describe what it led me to do – swearing at people, shouting and swearing at cars driving past, playing loud music and slamming doors to disturb those around me who I thought were involved. I would wake up at night with my teeth bared and shaking my fists; all I wanted was a machine gun so I could mow down all the sub human vermin around me who were following me, watching me, harassing me.

When I realised they could implant anger I realised they were either implanting the anger I felt or at the very least, they were magnifying my own anger. My anger benefited them not me. Through creating such massive anger which always matched the implanted words nicely, as well as a stubborn determination that I wasn’t going to let the stalkers get away with their actions without at least swearing at them in the moment, all I got out of it was drawing negative attention to myself, making myself seem like a bad person or crazy.

Ridding myself of the implanted anger was the hardest layer of mind control for me to shed. It took years and no matter how much I struggled with it, I couldn’t make it go away or stop giving in to it. It left me ONLY when I ignored everything “that side” did. Every word, every feeling, every dream.

Using spot blanking of the memory, they can make you forget to do your prayer. Your mind becomes still again as you just listen to what they want to implant. In my case the anger left when I would “come to” from an episode like this and immediately, automatically start praying again. I would come to as they implanted positive stuff and immediately, automatically start praying again. Or come to as they started to talk about things I needed to think about and start immediately, automatically praying again. Or when I would come to, realise they had dragged my attention away from prayer, hear cars going past blasting music, taunting me for falling into their trap (implanted belief), feel anger and a determination that I wasn’t going to start my prayer again on their say-so or after being taunted by them, I was going to continue thinking about whatever I had been thinking about (implanted feelings), ignore all these levels of control implanted almost simultaneously, and begin doing my prayer again.

Over time I came to realise, from my own experiences and watching what they did to other targets, as I slowly struggled to shed one mind control layer after another, that they can implant EVERY emotion, not just the few most targets think they can (mostly negative). I learned how they can manipulate the auditory and visual system to make us see and hear things that aren’t there.

Door slamming campaigns from neighbours?
(quick note as I talk about this in more detail later).
Having neighbours who slammed doors was something I had suffered through in almost every property I lived in for many years. Eventually I would get fed up of their noise and start slamming doors myself.

When I read of targets complaining about door slamming campaigns and music from cars, I believed I was different from them. Maybe THEY were manipulated to see or hear things that weren’t there, but it was different for me, I KNEW it.

Maybe some of the noise I had experienced while under mind control had been faked by directed energy beams but surely everything I experienced while starting constant prayer was real. After all I was doing the last thing our enemies wanted us to do; removing mind control layers. I didn’t know of anyone else who was doing or had done that, I had plans to share my information with the world, helping many others, and surely that would make me a bigger target than the rest. I didn’t accept I wasn’t different until I moved into a property that had disrepair problems. I asked to be moved (it was government housing) and they refused saying I had had problems everywhere I lived, therefore they didn’t believe there was anything wrong with the property: it was me and the fact that I was, “mentally ill.”

I thought back to all the neighbours who had asked me to stop slamming doors and I would reply, I would stop when they stopped, and they would deny they were doing it. But I wasn’t deaf! I could hear them! So if they were going to lie to my face and continue on, I would also.

But now I realised that what had happened as I was driven out of property after property with noise, had not been as simple as “that side” having fun with me. There had also been a longer term goal of making me look crazy and a troublemaker. I firmly believe they knew 20 years ago that when it came time for their end game and the targets started to wake up, they wanted me stuck in a bad property and with a bad reputation. Yes they set their goals for us that far in advance.

Do you strongly believe (they implant) that even though they may trick other targets into believing in harassment that is not real, you know what is going on with you is real, you just KNOW it. After all you are different from the other targets because ( ).

No you are not. They are tricking you too. I am not saying there is NO harassment going on with you but most of what you think you are experiencing is fake. This is not because you are not special (you are) or because you are not a threat to them (you are) but because they are mind controlling us to destroy ourselves. They implant, implant, implant using the surface control. Then they switch to the second voice we targets take to be our own, and implant an urge for how to resolve the problem that actually, long or short term, makes things worse. This kills two birds with one stone. We neutralise ourselves as a threat and we make ourselves look bad to the sleeping majority who we need to wake up.


How easy would the non targets who believe everything they see on the surface, find it to listen to you, to give weight to what you are saying if you have a history of volatile behaviour: accusing people of harassing you, shooting beams at you, stealing your thoughts?

If you want to reach people who will become the next targets, wake up the sleeping populace and tell them what is really going on in the world, then keep your behaviour impeccable. No matter what you see/ hear/ feel/ believe is going on with you; when you want to react, charge into a plan of action, do SOMETHING….. STOP. Do your prayer. Read. Learn.

There is a lot of information out there by targets but much of it is incomplete (or they are focused on unimportant things like getting police to recognise gang stalking) because they seem to think the world will go on as always: a normal world for most, with us targets being harassed for fun and for experimentation. The truth is the world as we know it is coming to an end. Its time for the end game and we need to prepare.

As soon as I read how they could induce fear, they induced terror for my every waking moment for two solid weeks. I ignored it and did my prayer over it until it went away. Knowing this emotion was fake and implanted didn’t make it any easier to live with than real terror. It wasn’t easy to shrug off. It took stubbornness, not thinking about what was being implanted or why, just laser-focus on my prayer. As I prayed I was reminded of the years and years of depression I went through. Laying in bed for several days because I didn’t have the energy to get up, not even having the energy to turn over. Day after day slumped in a chair without the strength to so much as move a finger.

Half the world is on anti depressants. The other half think they’re bipolar. If only they knew the truth about how easily these “illnesses” are induced using directed energy beams by their enemies. How easy it is to come out of them. That all they need to do is prayer, keeping their mind in a beta state, read my work to learn what that side can do, learn how that side wants them to behave, and fight back.

Being paranoid: (thinking people were harassing me with noise when they weren’t). Being filled with rage and stubbornness that benefited my enemies, even as I thought these emotions were mine and I was using them to “fight back.” Hopefully those of you who recognise yourselves in my actions will accept that you too are being tricked and instead of succumbing to despair (induced) or “fighting back” you will stop and do your prayer. Which is the REAL fighting back.



In the previous pages I described how I was controlled and the mistakes I made as I listened to the implanted control. From this point I will use a key to separate the different levels of mind control.

1. Thoughts, ideas, images, feelings, dreams, urges etc, that they implant openly.

2. Thoughts, ideas, images, feelings, dreams, urges etc they implant, that you are supposed to mistake as your own. These are the thoughts of strength, defiance and fighting back, usually coupled with an irresistible urge, that only make things worse.

3. This is also mind control that you are supposed to mistake as your own thoughts and feelings, but it is a more day-to-day thing. It is used to shape Everybody’s personality and interests. People who are unaware of it at all, are drawn into bad things using this layer of control also. Once you know and ignore as much as possible, this commentary on you and what is going on around you continues. It seems harmless chatter much of the time but is never harmless as they are entraining your brain the whole time.

4. Sounds you hear related to harassment. These are 95% certain to not be there. They use this to implant paranoia: the feeling you are being harassed on all sides, or to anger or upset you. You accuse people, you lash out, you become bitter. Since you are listening, following, believing, this ends how they want it to end.

Hopefully you know by now to ignore this noise. But what about the few times when the noise you hear is real? What should you do?

Well for starters, how do you know what is real? Because you feel it, because your brain tells you so? A person can know how mind control works and still be unable to come out of it, if they get trapped in trying to figure out what is real and what is fake. This is definitely something they will implant. YEARS after I learned they do this and so ignore, they are STILL implanting this with me. In fact they are still doing almost every stage of mind control including the most basic: implanting competing voices or positive thoughts I am supposed to mistake as my own.

Don’t get lost in the layers of control as they attempt to trap you by implanting belief that what you experience is real, followed by “I know that WASN’T real because ____________” if you don’t listen. Don’t react outwardly, and internally, ignore and do your prayer over what they implant accompanying the noise.


For many years wherever I lived I would have neighbours (4)slamming doors or playing loud music(4). (3)I would put up with it for as long as I could(3) but eventually I would always (2)snap and decide to give them a taste of their own medicine. I would slam doors so loud they would develop cracks in them, the plaster around the door would crack and fall out with each slam(2) but somehow I could never get them to (4)slam as loud as my neighbours(4) – (3)how did they manage such tremendous crashes?(3) Sometimes these neighbours would move out (because of my noise?) but the (4)new ones would be even worse(4) until I too would eventually (3)move away hoping to find peace elsewhere(3). (4)But it was the same everywhere I went(4). (3)I spent years and wasted so much time, energy and money trying to find a place I could live in peace(3) but that side would never allow that.

I remember going to see a property and on the initial visit, just to look around, there was a (4)MASSIVE door slam from the neighbours(4). I looked at the agent showing me around (3)hoping he would comment on it, see the neighbours and nip this problem in the bud for me(3) but he didn’t react at all, it was like he hadn’t heard it. (3)I wanted to mention it but I couldn’t get my mouth to move(3).

I took the property anyway because I was currently living next door to someone who (4)slammed doors constantly(4) and (3)since she was the daughter of my landlord I could hardly complain about her(3).

Sometimes I (2)wouldn’t move. I would think “Why should I? I just got here, I like it here, the neighbours are the ones doing something wrong.” So I would complain to the landlord(2). The neighbours would deny making noise, my complaints would go nowhere and eventually I would (2)have enough and begin disturbing the neighbours myself(2). And so it went on for years and years.

This is just ONE example of how they used mind control to cost me time, money, energy, peace of mind and give me a bad reputation.

Eventually I learned about directed energy beams that are used to make people hear things that aren’t there (3)but I was convinced everything I heard was real(3) (2)and I reacted accordingly(2). When cars went by me (4)blasting music(4), (2)I gave them the finger(2). When I heard (4)door slamming and other noise(4) from neighbours, (2)I made noise back. I was too angry to do otherwise and the thought that even if the noise might have been faked before, THIS TIME it might be real and I would be letting them get away with harassing me if I didn’t react, made me even angrier.(2)

Because I went through this means you don’t have to. You can learn from my experiences and get it right first time.

When you use constant prayer to shed the worst layers of mind control, you will recognise other targets. Most prisoners are targets, having acted on (3)sudden irresistible urges to rape, kill, rob etc(3). Others are there because they (3)acted on fantasies that had consumed them for a long time(3), at the moment the irresistible urge was applied, like Cary Stayner, who said he had thoughts of killing women since he was a young child.

Others are (3)drug addicts or alcoholics(3): their lives and potential destroyed. The “mentally ill” in our communities: (3)paranoid, ranting weirdos(3) that everybody avoids – targets being attacked in the most evil way possible. By remote using directed energy beams. They have been helpless under this assault because they cannot possibly imagine their thoughts and feelings are not their own, that they are mind controlled in all ways from smallest to largest, always with a plan that they be destroyed.

The targets have been asleep for long enough. It is time to wake up, come out of the worst layers of mind control, help and support each other, get ready for what’s coming. All it takes is constant prayer to keep your mind in a beta state. A short prayer of a few words: “Please help me through this” or “Please show me the truth” or “Please bring me others like me so we can help each other.” Repeat over and over every waking moment without pause: repeatoverandoverwithoutpauselikethisrepeatoverandoverwithoutpauselikethis.

After a while you will find it hard to do as the directed energy beams are used to disrupt your concentration. So pick another small prayer and start again. And. From. The. Begining, know and understand they are controlling your thoughts. Ignore all voices, thoughts, urges, feelings; from bad: like fear or depression, to good: like strength or joy. Not just ones associated with this situation but ALL.

Sometimes you will HAVE to think about something else: a school or work assigment, so do that, then back to your prayer ASAP. And over time the prayer will become such a habit that you will be able to talk to people, and have your prayer in your mind and on your tongue.

When you first start doing constant prayer to take back your mind, you might find an ESCALATION of your hardships, not immediate lessening. This is because they have had you under their control your whole life, they are not going to let you go easily.

You may find yourself (3)being more stalked than ever, that your neighbours are spying on you through the walls, the people in the apartment below are watching you and firing directed energy beams up through your floor, or maybe it’s the people above. You may find your work station/ computer/ records messed with. You know it’s the people you work with, you just know it!(3)

No you don’t.

Directed energy beams can change computer passwords and make you see and hear things that aren’t real. That side have ways to make things go missing or be moved around in your home without anyone coming in, so then, they can mind control you to behave erratically, accuse others or attack them and make yourself look paranoid or dangerous.

So grit your teeth and gut your way through this period by focusing on nothing but your prayer and putting one foot in front of the other. The only other thing to keep in mind is an awareness you are not alone. There are millions of targets and they will become a force to be reckoned with if they ignore and do their prayer over the feeling that they must keep their heads down and remain hidden.



Constant prayer is easier said than done as you will get thoughts along the lines of (3)”Well I have to think about other things SOMETIMES, I have things to do/ plan”(3). IGNORE and just do your prayer. You cannot plan something without them talking along, implanting ideas and feelings, and all they want is for you to listen so that when they make things go wrong, they can torment you with “If only I had chosen option A instead of B I wouldn’t be in this mess.” The truth is if you had chosen the other option, they had a plan in place and all ready to go, for how they would make that go wrong too.

The answer is to make no big plans while you come out of the lower layers of mind control, and read the website I have set up ( I will bring together news stories of targets from around the world and hopefully other targets will share their stories too. That side only have a few programs they use over and over (why not, when the majority are asleep?) so whatever you are going through has happened to someone else. Learn the patterns.

An example from my life of something else I have found helpful: They implant excessive anger if I am ever in a conflict with someone. I feel unfairly attacked and a need to shut down the other person by any means. I ignore the anger but find it hard to accurately judge in the moment whether they are being unreasonable or not and how I should respond. I have been helped by the fact that I like to read advice columns. When I can’t think without emotion about my situation, I have probably read about a similar conflict. I remember what I thought while reading calmly: who was right, who was wrong, what was the right way for each person to behave, then I can follow that. Don’t laugh. When you start reading advice columns you will see that humans are herd animals and we do the same few things over and over. Nobody is special and we can learn more “normal” ways of thinking and reactions from looking at the inner workings of those in the middle.

Streamline your thoughts and life. Start to let go of material things; they just bog you down. Let less and less matter to you. Accept you will be attacked by that side for the rest of your life No Matter What you do. With this freeing information and a strategy for watching your own behaviour, you can take their attacks on your life in stride instead of listening to all the implanted anxiety about how you must choose the right path: the one that will free you/ make people leave you alone/ make people like you/ clear your reputation. And when the attacks continue, you can know you kept your own intentions and behaviour clean.

When you accept that they keep up a running commentary on your actions, example: (while cooking) (3)”Right I’ve just put the tomatoes in, now I should cut up a potato and put that in too”(3). (While vacuuming) (3)”I’d better suck up that spider web (at the same time as you look at the spider web) but not that piece of paper (piece of paper really there), because it’s too big and might block the hose”(3) you will have to accept a hard truth also; you are being watched. Kind of.

Make no mistake: mind control is not used on a relatively few targets, it is used on everyone in the world. Our governments and the powers they serve developed the technologies to do so while the majority looked away, trusting and unaware. It is only through reading EVERYONE’S mind: probing their thoughts, feelings, dreams, beliefs, ideas, conscience, ethics, morality, honesty, that they know who their enemies are: the people most likely to disrupt their plans, call attention to their manipulations behind the scenes. These are the targets – us. But the rest of them don’t escape. They are controlled, with long term plans for their destruction. They are turned against us so if we try to warn them about what is really going on in the world they won’t listen. And we are also turned against them. By believing many/ most of them have joined in harassment of us, we come to hate them also. So that when the end game comes and many targets understand what is happening and what they need to do, they will look at the majority: fearful and suffering, and refuse to help them. A perfect circle. And as you can imagine, tracking every mind in the world, to implant the kind of running commentary above, is a job that can only be done by machine. Directed energy weapon satellites to be exact.

Many targets feel they are being watched by people in their community because they hear (4)door slams, car horns, sirens, bird calls(4), in response to things they do or think. But the noise is 95% or more, implanted; so they can then implant paranoia and anger. The majority of the time, no person is watching us. But every once in a while footage is shown of us to people, in the following circumstances: recorded by the satellites, altered to show us saying or doing bad things, and given to some high up person to show and turn people against us.

The people who have been turned against you may believe they can see you much of the time but they are wrong! Everything that is being done to us is being done to them also. Except we fight against such evil while they have embraced it while thinking they are doing good.



Each person’s brain shows a response to stimuli (words, pictures, ideas, events) and these responses can be tracked and measured. This is a technology that is admitted to, although of course it would take place in a lab while hooked up to machines.

In reality, this technology is far in advance of what is admitted to, and is in the hands of our enemies. They are able to scan the brain and know an idea, thought, impulse, we are going to have, before we are aware of it. Example: constant scanning of the brain by satellite shows you are tired. Shortly after, you think “I’m tired.” Once you start taking control of your mind, the mind control satellites often jump into that gap to say (1)”You’re tired, go to sleep.”(1). This might be followed by (2)”I’m not going to listen to them or act on their schedule! I won’t sleep!”(2) But are you tired? Do you want to sleep? Because if you don’t do what you were GOING TO do because of their voices……. aren’t they still controlling you? This was a phase I went through and when I ignored all the:
(1)”Thanks for doing what we wanted.”(1)
(1)”Yes, let us control you.”(1)
(2)”I shouldn’t do things on their schedule, I should be fighting their control”(2).
this was replaced by the sound of door slammings, car horns, shouting etc and a belief (3)this was the people around me. They had been told I was a bad person and those that had approached them had said, “We can prove we know this person inside and out. Look in a few seconds they will make a sandwich/ make a phone call/ lie down to sleep/ _________.” Then they were showing those people real-time footage of me to show I was actually doing what they said(3).

So were they actually showing people footage of me and the noises I heard were real? Or were the noises as fake as the thought and belief I was supposed to mistake for my own? To be honest I don’t know and I don’t care. I have included this experience of mine here just in case anyone else experiences the same thing but also to illustrate a bigger point.

You can know about implanted voices and feelings and STILL end up unable to escape mind control, if you care about that side and what they are doing: What is real? What is fake? When should you react? Who can you trust?

95% of the stalking and harassment you think you are experiencing is fake. And you’ll never know when it is real so when they implant a need to know, ignore it and do your prayer. They are trying to make you paranoid so no matter what harassment you think you experience, don’t react. Treat everybody nicely, politely, kindly. The majority of them have done nothing to you and if any of them have turned against you, they want to see a change in your personality; see you become closed off, bitter, untrusting. Don’t give them what they want. As you take more and more control of your mind, it will be easier to find moments of happiness, things to be glad for. It is better to be you than one of them.

And who can you trust? Any other target who has taken control of their mind. Target is shorthand for good person.

I should also mention that when I talk about doing something the implanted voice tried to take credit for, I am strictly talking about small things like sleep/ eat/ and the other examples given above. In no way must you EVER carry out some big plan of action when you are coming out of the lower layers of mind control, or EVER listen to ANYTHING they implant about who around you has joined in with harassment, what harassment is real etc. That is the path to disaster.

In fact this information is only for once you start taking back your mind and IF they play this game with you. So it’s not something you should concern yourself with now. Do NOT sit thinking about what you learn because they will jump in with their words, implant negative emotions, try to control you. Let prayer and reading this work be your focus.



And if you have done bad things in your life, maybe (3)led a life of crime(3) and are now (3)freaking out about that side’s satellites having been watching, maybe that side recorded footage and showed it to people! You can’t live like this, you need to kill yourself!(3)


Stop allowing (3)fear or guilt(3) to invade and take root in your mind. Do your prayer over the (3)thoughts and feelings(3) until they give up. You were mind controlled. That was others, comitting THEIR crimes through your hands. YOU were the victim. You are not only innocent, you are one of the best people in the world. Which is why you have been targeted by the worst people in the world.

So hold your head high. Be proud of who you are. As more and more people wake up, they will know you are innocent and a good person. This work will help with that also. Start fighting against the control and you have a shot at justice and helping expose those who have been attacking you your whole life.

Note: The previous section was about times when people may be shown footage of you. I am also going to mention here another way in which people are told something about you without footage needing to be shown. Sometimes people who have been turned against you, are told about things you are doing, planning etc that are important to you so they can try to sabotage. This is something that happens now also, but the difference is that once you take control of your mind, you know not to listen to the implanted beliefs about WHICH people it was, or the implanted anger, desire for revenge, that will go along with the belief. Nor will you listen when they implant words and belief, that a particular upset/ setback was as a result of harassment rather than just one of those things.


Directed energy beams are also used to magnify effects in the body and mind.

I always (3)dreaded getting a burn(3) (not a major burn, just accidentally touching a hot pan with one finger for example) because for me the burn (a red dot with no scar) would throb with terrible pain for days and days no matter how long I held it under cold water. The throbbing would radiate out from the red spot until it covered my whole body and face. I just assumed this is how burns hurt since this is how it had been for me my whole life. It was only when they used beams to magnify my anger that I realised burns don’t hurt that way.

They have magnified my feelings and emotions enough times and I have watched them do it to others enough times, that I want to stress again not to think about things on their timetable and when you gain new knowledge, not to sit around thinking about it but to do your prayers instead. You wouldn’t be thinking your thoughts anyway; they would jump in and make your mind still, as they implant what they want you to think/ feel and also take your negative feelings and magnify them beyond endurance.

But they implant positive emotions too. They will do this more as you start to take control of your mind. These thoughts are more dangerous than negative (because you are more likely to listen) and must be ignored like the poison they are. New knowledge is valuable. Thinking about it is not.



You are not alone. Although you are being monitored by directed energy weapon satellites, so is everyone. Although they are using mind control on you, they are using it on everyone. Because they are not content to have fun harassing us with directed energy beams, which will eventually be revealed to the world as beneficial directed energy technologies, while regular ordinary life goes on. They have an end game that I am not going to talk about here because there is more than enough to take in, already.

There is at least one other thing that I haven’t explained: things missing, moved around in your home, car etc. If you leave gangstalkers any easy way in, then they will come in. But that side also have ways to make things go missing or be moved around without anyone coming in, so accuse no one. Just put good locks on your doors and windows, get some security cameras, take with you anything you don’t want to lose when you go out if it would make you feel better, and get on with your life.

After giving people a few months to read and re-read this work, become practised in their constant prayer, I will give the further information.



I imagine this is one of the chapters many targets will not want to read. You don’t want to hear about how you are paranoid – you hear that every day. But think about the character assassination of us, they carry out. Most targets take this personally, but what if it isn’t about isolating you from other people? What if it’s about isolating THEM from you? So these people will never accept anything you say, that side MUST implant beliefs that are fake, so when you develop a reputation for paranoia, people won’t believe anything you say.

A common method is to mind control someone around a target to say or do something that feeds into the targets implanted paranoid beliefs.

One example: I met a target once who told me she refused to have anything to do with her brother because he had joined in the harassment of her by reading her mind. She lamented how many targets this was happening to. But their families were paid so much money by that side they would be lured by their greed.

She said “I will think something or plan to go somewhere then he will mention the exact thing I was thinking about the next time I see him. I think to myself, I didn’t tell you I was thinking about that. Is it just supposed to be coincidence that you mention that now? And how it happens over and over?”

In reality, the thoughts, feelings and urges she had were implanted, then the same things were implanted in him, as well as the urge to say them out loud in front of her. Then she was mind controlled using paranoia, to cut off contact with him.

This example from one target can be applied to millions: (3)They think something(3), another person is mind controlled to mention that same thing in front of them, the target (3)now feels that person is involved(3). Sometimes the target is manipulated into becoming fixated on one person, sometimes a group. The target (3)makes plans(3). The other person (3)mentions those plans(3). This happens over and over until a final thought on how to resolve the situation is implanted into the target. With many targets it is to kill those they feel are harassing them. In the above example: people saying things the target was thinking of, can be swapped out and replaced with people who (4)blast music from their cars or houses(4), (3)poison the targets food, break into their home, fire directed energy beams at them to sicken them, etc(3).

In fact the people they attack have never joined in. They are simply pawns who are sacrificed by that side to get the target where they want them: In prison, committed to a mental health facility, dead, or in the community alive and free, but hating everyone, trusting no one, and unwilling to have contact with anyone. Most tragically, sometimes the person the target is set against is a target also.

On the surface, it seems like authority and the justice system care about the poor victim in the case, since they will hold a trial. If there are many victims (a mass shooting) there will be hearings to determine how such a thing could have happened and how to stop it from happening again. But the justice system is a smokescreen.

It is a branch of that side, just like our governments and the media. They exist to keep people asleep, to assure us there is law and order: right triumphs, the guilty are punished and all is well.

So when people around you say or do things to make it seem like they are reading your mind or have joined in stalking and harassment of you…. ignore, do your prayer, recognise this is our enemies attempt to create their perfect circle: you hate these people and would never help them, they think you’re paranoid and would never listen to you.

And if you meet someone who has really joined in with harassment of you (as opposed to just no longer liking you) what should you do? Well for starters, how would you know they have joined in? Because your brain tells you?

Only yell at/ attack people you think are harassing you if you want to help your enemies neutralise you as they desire. If you want to come out of the most devastating layers of mind control, expose that side and help others like you, you will ignore externally and do your prayer over the implanted words and feelings.



Other examples of ways they will make it seem like the people around you have joined in with that side’s attacks on you:

a. Every time you undress (4)your neighbours slam doors(4).

b. You think (3)”They’re watching me”(3). You feel (3)rage or panic or fear or stress or depression(3).

c. (2)You may take steps to try and keep your body private by turning off the lights when you are undressing, or going elsewhere to wash/ dress.(2) (3)But the stalkers find you there too. Nothing you do helps, it keeps going on.(3)

d. (3)Your feelings harden into bitterness and hate. You have never done anything to deserve this. You have never done anything to these stalkers. You hate them so much(3). (2)You will stop them. You will stop their evil. You won’t let them do to anyone else what they are doing to you.(2)

e. (2)You may start a door slamming campaign of your own, stare in their windows or otherwise violate their privacy (“let’s see how you like it,” you think). You may confront them. “I know what you’re doing!” you’ll scream when you see them, “You won’t get away with it!” You may move(2), but (3)the problems continue. Your old neighbours must have followed you, turned your new neighbours against you and convinced them to join in(3). (2)You move again(2). (3)It’s the same(3). (2)You keep moving(2) – (3)it’s always the same, even in temporary property, other people’s houses, you can’t escape.(3)

f. (2)Final resolution of the problem(2). Which is whatever they want, as long as you are sleepwalking through your life following the implanted control.

This is one example meant to stand in for all occasions when it seems you are being watched.


a. (3)People around you react to your thoughts. In response to thoughts you have(3), (4)doors slam, car horns sound, dogs bark(4)

b. (3)You believe it is their way of letting you know they can read your mind and know all your thoughts and secrets. You feel panic or fear or chastised(3) with each (4)door slam, each dog bark(4).

c. (2)You may take steps to try and keep your thoughts private by wearing headphones and trying not to think about important or private things, by going to wide open spaces to think, write, make phone calls. By moving around all day(2). (3)But nothing you do helps. Their ability to read you, to invade every part of you only grows(3).

d. (3)Your feelings harden into bitterness and hate. You have never done anything to deserve this. But you are surrounded by evil people who join in with this wherever you go. You hate all people and the world so much. You wish they would all die.(3)

e. (2)You may lash out at them by making yourself an anti social presence; door slamming, loud music, vandalism. They deserve it(2). (3)You may bury yourself in drink or drugs to escape the awful reality of your life and the knowledge that no one would ever believe if you tried to tell them(3).

f. (2)Final resolution of the problem(2). Which is whatever they want as long as you are sleepwalking through your life following the implanted control.

This is one example meant to stand in for all times when you think your mind is being read.

The way to stop the words and feelings from having a large effect on you is by doing your prayer, FOCUSING on it, going back to it when your attention is forcibly dragged away for a time. Ignoring what they implant after, such as: (3)”I know the truth, I can’t be fooled anymore” and you feel joy(3).   (2)”I musn’t listen I must just focus on my prayer” and you feel determination(2).

Positivity – words and emotions, will replace negativity and fear if you don’t listen to the negative. The positivity will be more alluring to you and is therefore more dangerous. Brain entrainment is accomplished by you listening to the implanted words and following the implanted feelings. Positivity, negativity – it makes no difference to them, so long as you listen.



Once you know about the different layers of control, why do you have to use prayer as a barrier, why not a song, poem, or any words of affirmation that mean something to you?

Prayer will work better than any other string of words because this whole game: the stalking, the harassment, the weapons, are the design of satanists. They want to drive everyone away from God. So turn to Him and let Him help you. If you don’t believe in God……. do the prayer anyway. To you they are a nonsense string of words without meaning, but having a handful of phrases that you repeat over and over and concentrate on, can only help you develop focused concentration; the ability to block out distractions, and what’s wrong with that?



There no cameras in your house watching you. There are no microchips in your teeth, nanobots in your bloodstream making you sick, wires throughout your body controlling your nerves or tiny cameras behind your eyes filming everything you see.

This whole game runs on plausible deniability. How long would that last if there was concrete evidence to be found in your body and home? Since that side are implanting your thoughts, who told you these things are in your body and how to get rid of them? Do they need these things to control your body or know what you see and experience? So if you removed them you would be free? If you believe they control you through things in your body and home you can remove, you have no clue how important you are to them.

They only need to latch onto one part of you to control all the rest and since that works perfectly and they like to keep things simple that is all they do. And no you cannot shield that part from the beams.

You wake up in the morning. You are STARVING! Your body feels hollow! If you don’t eat something right now you’re going to die! What part of your body tells you you are hungry?
Your stomach?

You fall and skin your knee. What part of your body tells you your knee hurts?
Your knee?

You wake up and stumble through getting ready for work but you’re so tired you are three-quarters asleep. You don’t realise you didn’t get dressed and are naked until you step outside and… THE COLD!!!! It’s so cold your skin feels like it’s being bitten all over! What part of your body tells you it’s so cold?
Your skin?

When you came home from work things were missing and moved around, then you ate food that was previously opened and in the fridge and now you feel sick! You know the food was poisoned because it tasted strange. What part of your body told you the food tasted strange?
The taste receptors on your tongue?

You go on vacation. You are standing in the garden of your vacation home looking at the view. There are flowers of every size, color and description everywhere, bees and butterflies travel from flower to flower, sunlight glints on the stream that winds gently through the grass. It is the most beautiful sight you have ever seen. The perfumed air smells glorious and as you stand feeling the warmth of the sun on your skin, your stress melts away. Does the lovely view come to you from your eyes, the scents from your nose, the relaxation filling you from your skin?


But they must be able to see you in the bath or shower, they must! After all they always (1)react with mocking words about watching you(1), (3)words you are supposed to mistake as your own(3) or an (3)assault(3) of (4)noise(4). So let’s see how they do it.

Your body is covered in nerve endings that read pressure, touch; in fact everything that touches the body and everything the body touches. The information is all relayed to your CPU (central processing unit) where the satellites will often read it then project an image in your minds-eye of what you are doing.

For targets who have made themselves intentionally homeless:

There is nothing they do to you in a house that they cannot do as you walk round and round the streets.

Since you are currently in a program from that side, who told you this was a way to protect yourself?

All you are doing is stressing your body, running down your health and wasting precious time when you should be re connecting with and waking up everybody you know.



Another one that will be hard for long term targets to accept, but remember what I said about them needing you to be paranoid and wrong about SOME things, so people wouldn’t believe you about ANYTHING.

There is very little use of directed energy beams causing physical effects, on the body.

They don’t attack us this way because they don’t need to. By controlling us through paranoia and implanted thoughts, feelings and belief, they can get us to believe they are attacking our bodies, even as they do very little. Targets frequently (3)neglect their health(3), meaning minor problems become major ones, because they believe (3)there is no point going to a doctor for any health problem they are having since it is caused by directed energy weapons(3).

Before you dismiss me as one of the fast asleep majority who don’t know what is going on in the world, remember that I am a target. Remember I told you I came out of the lower layers of mind control in stages making many mistakes along the way, so I have been where you are now. And I too once believed (3)directed energy beams causing physical effects were being used on me and neglected my health as a result(3).

I am not a psychiatrist, psychologist or therapist pushing drugs on you and telling you the things you know are real such as directed energy technology, mind control and a whole real world under the smokescreen, are false. I am saying a lot of what you believe is true and some beliefs are induced paranoid ones. I am saying many things are not as bad as you think and some things are worse, like that side’s end game. Something you will still be able to cope with if you wake up and effectively fight back.

Now I will tell you about the times I believed (3)directed energy weapons causing physical effects were used on me(3). My hope is many of you will recognise yourselves, realise that side have few games, learn from my experience, and use prayer to shed this layer of implanted belief.

When I first started fighting back against mind control, I made a classic target mistake in ignoring the voice that spoke to me openly as them, while accepting the second voice that swore at and made fun of them, as mine. After this had been going on for a few months, when (2)I said something nasty to them or made fun of them(2) I got a feeling on my head or face like I had been slapped. I didn’t feel anything touch me, it was the stinging after-effect of a slap. Soon it was happening hundreds of times a day, not just in response to (2)me saying something to them(2) but when I used the bathroom, changed my clothes, (3)thought about my situation(3) etc. After awhile it was almost constant. Or it would stop for an hour or so, then I would suddenly get several hard hits on the top of my head and the voice would say something like (1)”Hello, did you think we had gone away?”(1) I felt (3)anger that grew and grew(3) as this went on.

Over a year after this had started I began to get into health and fitness; for general reasons and also, I felt that (3)someone that has had directed energy beams fired at them their whole life, to harm their physical health(3) should try to counteract the affects. I looked up all the vitamins and minerals and what foods they were found in. I happened to read a piece about how a lack of magnesium could lead to a rapid and/ or heavy heartbeat and a feeling like the person was being slapped, hit or punched. I started taking a magnesium supplement and after a while the feeling of being slapped, stopped.

I was shocked. For over a year I had believed (3)this was something done by the satellites and my neighbours, using handheld weapons, when I insulted them in my head(3) and now it seemed like it had nothing to do with them but was a medical condition I had had that had been taken advantage of, to make it seem like they were attacking me.

I struggled with this new knowledge as, in the begining at least, the slaps happened when (2)I said something they didn’t like or did something I would have wanted to be private(2), and I (3)believed they were using the slaps to tell me they could see me(3).

At other times the main voice (1)would be trying to talk to me(1), I would be ignoring them, then I would get one of the slaps. (2)I would think something nasty about one of the gangstalkers(2) and get a couple of (4)car horns(4) and a slap. Eventually I came to realise that the satellites monitor a persons body and can tell when something physical is about to happen to them (a slap, a sneeze, an itch, a headache), then they either take credit for it or make it part of a game: where it is retribution from them, or a warning, or a reminder the target is being watched. To make the target think those against them are all powerful and in control of all things.


Shortly after I started to do constant prayer, I developed toothache. It grew worse and worse but I didn’t go to the dentist because I believed (3)it was caused by directed energy weapons and there was nothing wrong with my teeth(3). I emailed back and forth with another target who said he often also got toothache when he was doing activism work and that he had had his whole mouth checked, and there was nothing wrong. He believed the pain was caused by directed energy beams stimulating the nerves of his teeth, as punishment.

My own pain got so bad that I (3)wanted to get all my teeth pulled out so there would be no nerves for them to stimulate but didn’t believe I would be able to find a dentist who would do it(3). There was little talking from the voice, more of an (3)awareness: this was my punishment for not listening and this was how it was going to stay until I started listening again(3).

The pain got worse and spread up my face and down my neck. I took 2-3 aspirin every 4 hours for months. (2)I refused to go to a dentist since that would be an acknowledgement of their actions and I refused to acknowledge them(2). One day the pain got so bad that I woke up and I couldn’t breathe properly. At that point I had no choice but to see a dentist. I managed to get an appointment for a few days time and went (3)fully expecting to be told there was nothing wrong(3), and (2)I would ask them to remove all my teeth(2).

Imagine my suprise when the dentist told me the pain was the result of an infection. I had to take a course of antibiotics and have two teeth removed as I had let the infection go untreated for so long, but after that it was over. No more tooth pain even though I was still doing my prayer and not listening to their main voice. And no acknowledgement they had lied.

As for the other target, here are the possibilities;

a. His dentist who he called a trusted friend had been turned against him by gangstalkers and so didn’t tell him of a real problem. Directed energy beams are used to scan the body and mind, and so just before the pain was about to start, the urge for him to do activism work was implanted. Then they would implant words and belief: “They are causing this pain. They are doing it because I am doing my activism work.”

b. They are actually using directed energy beams to cause pain in the nerves of the teeth. They do this because he is doing activism work. They will stop when he stops.

c. His dentist made a mistake and missed a problem. Then they implanted an urge for him to do activism work just before the pain started, followed by implanted words and belief taking responsibility for the pain.

Which of these is more likely? The first is just the sort of paranoid belief that side implant to make us withdraw from society, trust no one, turn against and hate everyone for the way they join in.

The second is the sort of paranoid belief they implant to make us feel they are all powerful and in control of all things, too powerful to go up against.

The third is the exact type of thing they would do. Do very little themselves but using implanted words and belief, convince us they are. This also assures them their brain entrainment is working beautifully.

Another time, I felt sick which I hate as I rarely end up being sick: I just get hours or even days of rolling stomach, nausea, cold sweats etc. I was lying on my couch and they implanted the belief that they were doing this. Then the voice said (1)”How would you like to feel like this for the rest of your life? We know how much you hate to feel sick, how would you like to be feeling sick for the next 20 years?(1) Then I got an (3)awareness of what it would be like to feel sick for decades and felt dread(3). I ignored and did my prayer. In an hour or so I felt better and they fell silent.

For the past several years I had spasms in my legs. The muscles would feel like elastic bands being stretched; jerking my legs about, or I would have feelings like electric shocks under the skin on my legs. The only thing that would help ease the problem was lying on a very hot electric blanket. I had seen numerous targets mention the same problem online so initially also believed (3)it was that side(3). After I stopped believing them, I didn’t wonder how it was done or listen to anything they implanted about it. About a year ago I started adding several tablespoons of coconut oil a day to my diet after reading how it could help with mental fog and low energy. It did these things and also cured the spasms in my legs.

These few examples are meant to stand in for every time I have had any pain/ illness/ injury since the fact I was a target, became open. Because EVERY TIME. WITHOUT FAIL. They have implanted words in the first or third voice, or belief, that they are causing the problem. They have never been telling the truth.

Based on my own experiences and watching them destroy targets who believed they were (3)being attacked by the people around them using handheld weapons(3) I urge you to come to accept they are not attacking you this way. They are attacking you with paranoia.

“How arrogant” you say, “Just because they are not using them on you, that means they’re not using them on anyone??” But it’s not arrogance. It is years of watching them neutralise targets, that has helped me to see they only have a few games.

If you have been to a doctor who found nothing wrong with you, go to a different one. Take responsibility for your own health by looking at natural remedies online, eat a balanced diet, exercise, and use constant prayer to decrease stress and protect your mind.

Having that said, they do OCCASIONALLY cause physical effects. Usually this is as part of a multi-pronged attack to complement the words and feelings they implant:

Crying: Of course used to complement the induced depression. As you start to take control of your mind, they may find it funny to continue to do this, now you know it is fake. Ignore and do your prayer.

Manipulating facial muscles: They will make your bottom lip quiver as your eyes well up, to convince you, you are sad and about to cry. The odd little “pull” here and there: making your mouth gape open, making you smile, making you frown, no big deal.

Blushing: Making the cheeks and sometimes the whole face feel hot and go red.

Dreams: Sending dreams of things they want you to worry about, so they can induce depression when you wake up.

Feeling of heart rising in chest: This is used together with inducing fear in the brain. They can also make you jump, shake, your heart beat extra fast or hard.

Stress: They can induce stress by simple stimulation of the brain. After a while you may even feel the brain stimulation as well as the stress. Expect more of this as you start to do your constant prayer. Laser focus on your prayer.


For Jennifer Aniston: Interfering with sleep. A person can be forced to come awake at night and be kept awake, or can be forced to sleep when they don’t want to. Extreme fatigue can be caused so the persons head keeps falling forward as though it is being pushed from behind. I had chronic insomnia for many years but since coming out of the lower mind control layers, it is an occasional thing.

Spot blanking of memory: They can wipe a particular event from your mind. One common way to do this is when you are in the middle of a task and forget what comes next, speaking and forget what you were going to say next, but the most damaging way they use this is to blind you to danger so you walk into the traps they have set for you: getting involved in relationships with people who turn out to be bad (like TI Jennifer Aniston does). Home, life, work etc decisions that go wrong (they make sure of that) after spot blinding you to the danger until it’s too late.

I have noticed something very interesting about this. Although I can still be spot blinded to walk into the traps they set for me (although it doesn’t (3)bother me(3) like it would if I was still being totally controlled) I can see the spot blinding and traps they set up for others. This is why they mind control targets to remain isolated.

If we came together and swapped stories, that would help us come out of the lower mind control layers faster than anything. They constantly implant the belief they are attacking you with directed energy beams causing physical effects/ your neighbours are spying on you and attacking you through the walls/ your family are poisoning you/ fill in the blank.

(3)How can you know for certain what is true? What if you are an exception and what is fake implanted belief for everyone else is real for you????????(3)

What if you then met, talked to, emailed, texted any number of other targets who all (3)thought the same thing(3)?

I am not saying they don’t have the CAPABILITY to cause physical problems with directed energy beams, I am saying they don’t because they already have your mind. BUT they may cause a particular problem once or twice, then they can implant belief they are causing the problem every time it re occurs, making you paranoid and giving them all the power.

Directed energy weapons causing major physical effects are mostly for people in the middle (not targets, not those that have joined in with that side, but the fast asleep majority).

MAGNESIUM: (capitalised because it is so important). Magnesium plays a role in over 300 functions in the body. Symptoms of deficiency include muscle problems (cramps, tremors, spasms etc), fatigue, insomnia, poor memory, hallucinations and even heart failure. Stress can deplete your body’s magnesium stores which can lead to more and more health problems, like dominos falling.

My problems with muscle jerking and electric shocks in my legs disappeared when I started taking coconut oil because the oil helps the body absorb magnesium.

I urge all targets to read symptoms of magnesium deficiency and then add it to their diet together with unrefined coconut oil. I hope it will be the begining of you seeing just how much they lie.

If you really must believe they attack you with DEW then fine, I am not going to argue the point with you (I would rather you didn’t decide one way or the other and just kept reading and praying instead). That was the past. When you do constant prayer their focus will be re taking your mind only.


I have to add a note here to say; I tried to share this work with people who have known for a long time they are targets and are now involved in activism and raising awareness, and it went over very poorly.  I realised that by the time people knew about directed energy and started networking, they had strong beliefs about what was going on, and did not want to hear anything that went against their current beliefs. I know when I was at that stage, I would not have been interested in hearing how my physical symptoms weren’t being caused by directed energy beams. They also didn’t want to believe everyone in the world is being watched and controlled, they wanted to be a small special group – the only ones it was happening to.

So I wish to plant some seeds with new targets. Don’t think about this stuff, just do your prayers and the answers will come to you on their own.  If you were one of the architects of these games; part of that side, would you control some of the people or all? Would you leave your plans at risk by having some people be unknown quantities? Why?

As for the information I have given about physical directed energy attacks;  I am not saying you should believe it just because I say it. In fact that is the kind of non-thinking following I hope targets will end. I am asking you to not think about whether I am right or not, just take coconut oil, eat magnesium rich foods and do your prayer – the answers will come to you on their own.

Doctors estimate as much as 90 percent of the worlds population are magnesium deficient. So what is wrong with adding this essential mineral to your diet?  Coconut oil can stabilise your blood sugar, help you lose weight and is a potent anti fungal. These things are helpful or harmless. They will not give you a bad reputation or make you look crazy like that side wants. And you may just learn some illuminating things as you take them and read.

I am not naive about that side. I know how evil they are, I know how much harm they wish to cause. I even watched them kill an innocent man with a directed energy weapon induced heart attack for no other reason than to cause me some minor inconvenience (late getting home). So I know they CAN sicken people, CAN kill people – they just mostly don’t.

Let us look at the example of a famous target, actress Brittany Murphy. She was taking numerous prescription and over the counter drugs; with prescriptions found in her house in her, family, and even fake names. This harmed her as the drugs reacted with each other and of course each doctor didn’t know about the others and what they had prescribed. Most targets are mind controlled to neglect their health as they feel it is pointless going to a doctor for directed energy weapon induced illnesses. But Brittany was manipulated into doing the opposite. But that side could say “We mind controlled her to prescription shop, to neglect her health, to take too many drugs, to not go to a hospital…. but she was the one who did these things. Her death is on her.”

Another famous example would be Bollywood actress Parveen Babi. She went from one of the biggest names in Indian cinema to someone who was arrested and detained at an airport for mental health reasons, accused numerous famous people of trying to kill her, eventually isolated herself in her home and died there alone due to complications of diabetes. She had a gangrenous foot that she had bandaged herself and her stomach was empty when she died. This was a wealthy woman who could afford food and medical care but she was scared to go out, paranoid about all the people who were out to get her – just like Brittany Murphy.

Can I prove these people were targets? They could have just been drug addicts, and addicts are often paranoid. They could have just been people who were reckless about their health. No I cannot prove these people were targets. I cannot prove their deaths came about because they listened to induced paranoia and a second voice of “fighting back.” But that is how this game works – plausible deniability and hiding targets by mind controlling them to behave like the personality disordered (mainly narcissists and borderlines), real criminals and the few actually mentally ill in the world.

Reading advice columns and seeing letters from and about the personality disordered, reading about the arrests or deaths of people I felt were targets, having an interest in true crime and so reading books about it, especially the profiling books of John Douglas, have all helped me to spot people I feel are targets and separate them out from the groups they have been hidden in. Others too will have seen people they think are/ were targets, we won’t all agree on those names, but that doesn’t matter as long as we are reading, praying, seeing patterns, looking past the surface.

In my own case I often think and feel like a borderline personality; excessive anger, thin skinned, quick to take offence, judgemental. Do I act like a borderline? Hell No! I know how they want me to behave so control the induced anger and negative behaviours through reading and prayer. I reach for the better parts of me, the better instincts and go with those. I feel this is something that is important for targets to do. Stop acting as they want us to and let the real, better us come out.



Everyday targets attack and kill people they believe have joined in stalking and harassment of them. They think they are fighting back/ defending themselves/ their backs are against the wall, they will not be allowed to live so they will take as many of their tormentors with them as possible.

But they made no decision to attack or kill. They were fast asleep, it was that side who did the killing – as a way to neutralise the target who was a threat to their end game. The people they killed were not part of that side, they had not been harassing the target; they were part of the majority who know nothing about what is really going on in the world. That side would never let you attack their real stalkers – they have work for them.

95% of the harassment you think you experience is false – implanted noise and belief, things done by remote etc. This means there are few people in our communities who have joined in. (That does not include people who are turned against us; that is most people). I mean active harassers. This means active harassers are a valuable commodity and must be protected by that side.

How long would these people join in the work of that side if there was a good chance of getting killed?

What if that side saw everyone in the world, not just the targets as their own personal chew toy, everyone’s life theirs to rip apart as they please; wouldn’t it be funnier if the target was pointed at a member of the fast asleep majority, mind controlled to attack or kill them, neutralise themselves as a threat and the real harassers just move on to the next target?

Seeing things that aren’t there

In the first months when I was doing constant prayer to fight back against their control of my mind, I would often see a giant black spider in my living room. It was huge, much bigger than a tarantula. The first time I saw it I leaped onto the couch and poked at the bags it disappeared behind but couldn’t find it. I had read about directed energy weapon satellites making people see things that weren’t there through brain stimulation and quickly came to believe the spider wasn’t real, it was something I was being manipulated into seeing to cause me upset. For starters it was too big, it was only ever in the living room, I always just happened to see it out of the corner of my eye as it disappeared so I could be frightened and looking frantically for it. From then on when I saw it, I ignored it and then it would come out into the open more and more, as if trying to get my attention. The last time I saw it, it came out from behind some plants and ran directly at me as I sat on the floor. I ignored it, it disappeared and I never saw it again. It wasn’t working so they gave up.

This is one example to show you they can play tricks with your senses – sight as well as hearing.

Another example would be; you always see a car following you around, you give the license plate to the police. The police talk to the vehicle owner who can prove they and their vehicle were nowhere around you at the time. And now you look paranoid and crazy. This happened to another target I know.

The harassment, noise, stalking, whatever you are experiencing, real or fake, is to distract you from the important things you could do to save yourself: do constant prayer, come together with other targets to help and support each other, expose that side and their games – your mental and emotional stability giving you credibility.

Think of your harassment as being tangled in a patch of thorns. You can expend all your energy in flailing away, focusing on what you are trapped in. Or look up. See the whole forest. Including your way out.



a. Why does constant prayer help to protect against their control?
If I wanted to be completely technical and scientific, I would say constant prayer and focusing on it works because it puts your mind into a beta state and keeps it there, making it harder for them to control you with their implanted words and emotions. But I have tried to focus on other things and nothing works as well as prayer, and there is no technical or scientific explanation for that. But maybe there is a different one. One that you will see if you look up from your personal struggles in your personal patch of thorns and at the whole world instead.

b. Once I do constant prayer, will they stop implanting their voices?
NO. Everything will continue as it is now. The only difference is you will know every thought/ feeling you have is implanted/ magnified or comes with entrainment and hypnosis as they talk along openly or silently. It will be up to you to ignore and do your prayer over all their various methods of control. You cannot just quickly do prayer when you feel them start in on you, you must do it all the time as it has a cumulative effect.

c. Now I know how to behave, why not just keep my head down?
Because they already have a plan in place for how they will destroy you, keeping your head down will gain you nothing. Ask the targets in prison. It is doing the things that feel unsafe: doing constant prayer, forming groups, calling attention to what is going on in the world that will give you (and anyone who listens to you) a fighting chance.

d. Who is doing this to us? Why?
The world is not run by our governments, there are people even wealthier and more powerful than them, that they serve. Those people have plans for the future that we targets could disrupt so they have been taking us out in advance of their end game, to assure themselves the best possible chance of victory. Many targets feel they were chosen at random since they look around at all the other targets and find it difficult to find even three that have anything in common. Your goodness is what you have in common.

e. Who are you?
I am a target like you. I am someone the levels of control and implantation were revealed to when I did constant prayer. So I could tell all of you. I am going to try and keep my identity private for as long as possible because as I was getting this work ready, the few people that had contact with me were being turned against me so I think it’s better for it to be out there without my name or face attached to it.

When I update this work I will tell you how they cause things to be missing/ moved around in a targets home without anyone coming in. I will also say what religion I am. Although I wonder if any of you can guess.



Before putting out this work I looked at target websites for the first time since I realised I was a target. I wanted to see the current state of knowledge in the target community.

I saw many heartening things such as targets who urged other targets not to attack anyone they thought was harassing them, both because that side would never let them harm real stalkers, and to not damage themselves.

Many knew the very common fear of undetectable cameras in targets homes stripping away their privacy was an implanted belief and urged people to not believe it, nor were there people breaking in or poisoning them.

I saw no one who knew their second voice of strength, defiance and fighting back was implanted. Some felt Other People’s was implanted (those who carried out mass shootings) but not their own. And even with those were it was implanted: not every single word, thought, action, emotion etc.

They talked of layered voices (including a voice the target was supposed to mistake as their own thoughts) and implanted emotions but still believed they had thoughts of how they would resist that side and feelings that were completely their own.

Some feel they don’t have an implanted voice of defiance since they never experienced the rage and hatred I and other targets have, they never lashed out at anybody. But everybody has implanted defiance, even if it is saying “I will continue to love everybody, even my enemies.” Even if it is expressed as strength: continuing to put one foot in front of the other.

Some targets talked of listening carefully to what the implanted voices said or writing down their words to try and figure out the identity of those behind the harassment for future court cases. Others told how they argued with and swore at the voices which they believed were inputted by people they called “handlers” and urged others to do so too. Listening is all that side want from you and because everyone in the world is being watched and controlled, there are no such things as handlers, the voices are controlled and implanted by satellites scanning our brain. And because I know their end game, I know there will be no court cases.

Related to the point above: Many people believed they talked telepathically with other far away targets, had out of body experiences, talked to aliens, angels, spirits from other worlds who guided them, or were themselves from other worlds and had special powers. This is all false. You are just listening to that side as they use a different program on you. You need to begin to ignore those voices and whatever you think you see; that is just an induced vision from that side. All this comes with entrainment and like everything else they do, is for the purpose of destroying you. I can only imagine how hard this will be for some people to accept. You are alone in a bleak and miserable world and being chosen for contact by non humans or having special abilities gave you something to hold onto and now I want to take that away from you too. I am sorry, I don’t want to hurt you, but I can’t leave you mired in their lies either. There are no such things as aliens and angels don’t talk to people. Although there are certain types of spirits in the world, they are not here to guide you. Telepathy and out of body experiences do not exist. I have no proof of this but I hope the fact I gave you a piece of information no one else has mentioned, will mean you can give me the benefit of the doubt and ignore those voices/ visions while doing your prayer. Look online at cctv footage of Elisa Lam and read a book called Gone In The Night by David Protess and Rob Warden to see where belief (3)in otherworldly guides can lead(3).

The majority believed that all negative thoughts and feelings were implanted, so would push these away while embracing the rest. It was only a handful of people that said that side could induce any emotional state, and were mostly shouted down for it.

I saw targets urging other targets not to carry out mass shootings, pleas that will never work on their own. Most seemed to feel the target had chosen to carry out their act of violence, and so could just choose not to be violent. The targets who did such things were pushed there step by step, by (manipulated) circumstances and brain entrainment. The same act can be sold to different people in different ways. Take a target who would never hurt anyone, make him feel hounded and harassed (part real, part implanted false belief), eventually make him feel he can take no more, then implant thoughts that he will die but he will take as many stalkers with him as he can. His last act will be a good one, ridding the world of evil, saving and helping other targets.
Done. Problem (the target) solved. And that side would not mind control targets like Myron May and Aaron Alexis to kill if they only hated and wanted to destroy targets. In their own way, everyone is a target. They even plan to destroy their stalkers once their final plan is carried out and they have no need for them. The only way to assure there will be no more killings carried out by that side using fast asleep targets as their puppets is for everyone to take control of their mind.

Numerous targets felt that directed energy beams were fired at them from cellphone towers or the towers magnified the effects of beams. There were mainstream “news” stories of these things used to track and spy on people. Targets had been arrested for attacking these towers. Since these targets thoughts of activism and fighting back are implanted, who told them to focus on these towers? Because I know that side’s end game, I can promise you that their mind control and all other weapons are satellite based, far out of the reach of people.

The induced paranoia was completely obvious all over the internet. Most people could not accept someone disagreeing with them. It could never be a simple difference of opinion; the other person HAD to be a plant, a disinformation agent working for that side. So I would like to say to all targets; they feed us some truth and enough falsehood that people won’t listen to anything we say. We all have wrong thinking we need to shed with networking and constant prayer. We have to wake people up and warn them of what is coming. It is the fact that we will be good at this job that is the reason why they turn us against each other. No plants are needed when they can use our own minds to throw us off the truth.

Related to the point above: Many people felt they were sickened by wi-fi signals. Some turned it off at night to sleep better, others refused to have the internet in their home at all. The internet is one of our strongest and best weapons. I know in the future the internet will be gone so it is vital people use it as much as possible. I do not believe So Many people are sensitive to wi-fi signals. I believe the stress, anxiety and trouble sleeping they experience is implanted. If this is you, use wired internet and ignore the “symptoms” for as long as you can, using prayer. Every hour or so go outside for some fresh air. If you are stubborn enough and good enough at ignoring them, they will eventually give up.

Targets talked about shielding themselves from the effects of beams causing physical effects. They used the classic tinfoil hat, salt, painted various substances on the walls, rubbed special creams on their ears etc. I have never tried any kind of shielding apart from a two week span when I (2)wore headphones and listened to music day and night(2). The funny thing is I cannot even tell you why I did it. Was I (2)trying to block implanted voices, safeguard my thoughts, stop the gangstalkers from trying to read what was going on in my body(2)? I can’t remember. All I can tell you is I stopped because it didn’t work. I do not believe there is any type of shielding that works. Since that side currently control this world, they would not allow anything that shields against their beams, to make it onto the market. Their arrogance would not be so vast if there was a way for people to stop the beams touching them or entering their home. The relief you feel when shielding works is implanted. (They are more likely to suppress symptoms of an illness than cause an illness. The suppression in sync with something they want you to believe of course). Then they often take the suppression away but you now believe that if one shielding could work, then another could too and spend your time in this futile pursuit instead of doing the things that could actually help. It is a distraction and a smokescreen.

Some people talked of entraining their own brain waves; keeping themselves constantly in one particular brain wave state or other. They listened to recordings of animal or nature sounds that had a brain wave entrainment pattern encoded in the recording, took long walks, did drumming, yoga, used visualizations, carried various stones such as quartz or crystals. Most people said these things helped and although I am glad, they did not mention they came to realise everything in their mind is implanted.

When it comes to behaviour, people said if you truly knew yourself, that side could not lead you into doing things against your nature. But we have been under their control our whole lives, which includes shaping our personalities and entrainment. Numerous people who are violent and aggressive and always have been, are controlled to be that way. I say you don’t know who and what you are until you take control of your mind. The only thing you can be certain of from the beginning, is you are a good person. Look at people who “suddenly” find themselves being stalked, harassed, maligned, their homes broken into etc (most of us have been there). They all come up with the same few ideas to deal with what is happening. Coincidence? Or each person is following one of a handful of programs? And they follow because they have a lifetime of entrainment?

I saw christians talking about walking in Jesus’s footsteps because if you modelled your actions on his and only followed thoughts that did not contradict his teachings, you could not go wrong. But it can seem (2)very christian to go to war with your attackers(2). I also saw no christians saying their second voice was implanted.

The closest I saw to the truth was from buddhists. They talked about separating emotions/ feelings from thought and said no one should ever act on emotion. One buddhism sect practised stilling the mind, ending all thoughts, another talked of picking a short prayer and repeating it over and over with full concentration. They did not mention that all thought processes had been overtaken or that the second voice was implanted.

The world we live in is crazy and upside down. The majority of people who are presented to us as good are bad and vice versa. Most governments of the world have bowed down to that side, the armed forces carry out that side’s agenda, the media are one organization that move together to present the world as that side wants us to see it (including appearing to compete or exposing corruption that makes them seem not of that side). In this world the targets are among the most fortunate. We have had time to adjust to the real world, get used to the loss of things we once thought of as important. With everything we have seen and experienced, we can think big, are open minded and questioning. Contrast with people in the middle who will have everything ripped away and become reactive and reeling; lashing out in a frenzy at the wrong people. It is better to be us than them.

In every group that have bowed down to/ do the work of that side are good people who are not part of the lie. So do not blame and hate whole groups you are pointed at. Get used to looking past the surface, see the lies and manipulations. Learn to spot the good people then help them so they will help others in the future.

If you want to wake up as fast as possible, become a vegan. Eating dead rotting flesh and the products of animals slavery sedates the mind. It is a dangerous world in which to walk around zombified, unaware of what is going on around you.

All over the internet I saw targets wondering why that side revealed so much of what they are doing; their games, their weapons. The development of directed energy technologies and invasions of the mind can all be read in mainstream newspapers and science journals (although they always sell them as beneficial to mankind). I even read a story in a mainstream newspaper where the police admitted gangstalking exists and that they set up these groups to harass “criminals”.

They play their games like there is someone or something above them whose rules they have to follow. They HAVE to reveal the main body of what they are doing, and the truth about what is going on in this world but they CAN fudge the details, for example, saying “We are developing a technology to…” which means “We have been using it on the populace for decades.”

They can fudge because it is our job to question everything, investigate everything. They do not just use beams to wipe out 6.5 billion people and enslave the rest because we have to choose our own path (although they can apply pressure to try and force us where they want us to go. Pressure it is our job to resist).

There are no such things as “leaks”. Because they are reading everyone’s mind, they know the people whose conscience will not let them keep quiet and they feed those people false information that hides the true progression of technology, then happily let them talk. As they did with Edward Snowden. And there was no leak when the information was revealed about voices being forced into the mind and implanted thoughts and feelings. But there was no fudging about the extent of their invasion of people’s minds. They did not say “And the technology is called: annoying-voice-buzzing-in-your-ear-but-you-can-also-have-your-own-thoughts-and-feelings”.

In my opinion the implanted second voice of strength/ defiance/ activism/ is the cornerstone* of that side’s plan. Knowledge it is implanted has the ability to cripple their games against anyone who is willing to recognise the extent of their mind invasion and do constant prayer. They still revealed it though.

*Cornerstone (from Wikipedia); The cornerstone (or foundation stone) concept is derived from the first stone set in the construction of a masonry foundation, important since all other stones will be set in reference to this stone, thus determining the position of the entire structure.


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